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Monday, November 14, 2011

World Diabetes Day 2011

Yes, today is World Diabetes Day.  To many, today is a day to wear blue and show support for friends and loved ones who have diabetes.  It is a day to learn a little more and tell someone else about diabetes.  For us, the day is very much like every day with one exception ... we see the support and attention this disease demands.  Today, we will still test our children's blood sugar 8 - 10 times, we we still count every carb and bolus or give shots accordingly.  We will still worry every second our child isn't with us.  We will still deal with the ups and downs of blood sugars and moods.  Today, some of us will still mourn the loss of someone close, someone whose life was claimed by diabetes.  For me, that someone was my baby sister, Marah Faith Jordan White.  Why do I use Facebook for Diabetes Advocacy?  Because I do not want to know the pain my parents feel every day.  I don't want a blue candle lit for one of my sugar babies.  I don't want to ever see another blue candle.  That is why we fight.  We fight to inform and educate, we fight to find a cure.  I fight in Marah's memory and I fight for Lydia, Priscilla and Trevor.  I fight for all the wonderful people I have me either personally or through the DOC.  Today I ask my friends and family to wear blue.  I ask you to take the time to learn about diabetes or to help educate someone else about it.  And tomorrow ... well, tomorrow I will do the same things I always do.  Won't you join me?  Diabetes doesn't take a break in our home, why should we take a break from fighting back?

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